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Explore Emil Neagu Co.'s Electric Saver page, where we introduce groundbreaking technology tailored to improve the efficiency of your home heating systems. The Electric Saver system is engineered to minimize electricity bills, protect against power surges, and prolong the lifespan of your appliances and motors. Discover how this innovative device can revolutionize your home heating services and start saving today. If you're considering this energy-saving device, it's priced at $425. This fee covers both the device and its installation.

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The transformer represents an inductive load managed by your power company, akin to the motors found in your household appliances, such as home cooling solutions for AC's and refrigerators. These motors, like the transformer, contribute to the inductive loads within your home's electrical system.

High Voltage Pole Mount Capacitor

High voltage pole mount capacitors, as depicted above, are utilized by utility companies to rectify power factors, thus reducing demand. This technology has been in use for over 70 years, evidencing its effectiveness. You'll often spot these capacitor banks on power poles, adjusting the power factor of transformers in your vicinity.

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Transformative Energy Recycling

When motors in your household appliances activate, they draw power from the utility company's transformer. This power demand travels through your property's wiring, meter gauge, and back to the transformer, generating heat in the process, known as watts. Unfortunately, many household motors, such as those in central air conditioners or pool pumps, are inherently inefficient, leading to wasted energy consumption and higher bills.

How It Works

The Electric Saver system is designed to counteract this inefficiency by recycling lost energy and redistributing it to your motors when needed. By reducing heat and strain on your home's wiring and appliances, this process not only lowers your electricity bill but also prolongs the lifespan of your motors. Moreover, the Electric Saver acts as a shield against power surges and spikes, further safeguarding your home and appliances.

Proven Technology for Cost Savings

Utility companies and large industrial complexes have long relied on similar technology to minimize energy costs. The Electric Saver 1200 operates on the same principle, repurposing wasted energy to reduce overall demand from the utility company. Whether installed directly to your electric panel or motor, the Electric Saver is engineered to enhance energy efficiency and lower your electric bill.

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Ultimate Protection

the Electric Saver offers a comprehensive solution to optimize your home's electrical system. By reducing energy waste, extending appliance lifespans, and mitigating the risk of power surges, it delivers both immediate cost savings and long-term benefits for your household.

  • Surge Suppression Up to 2000 Joules to Handle Power Surges and Prevent Burnouts
  • Compatible With 220- & 240-Volt AC Applications and 110 Volts Internationally
  • Model ES1200 is Designed for Single-phase 200-amp Service
  • Operates at 50/60 Hertz Frequency
  • Box Rated for Indoor or Outdoor Installation, NEMA 3r Rated (Metal), Rainproof
  • Maintenance-Free: Install the Device, and It Works for 25 Years, Employing Fit-and-Forget Technology
  • 25-Year Life Expectancy
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Are the Electric Saver UL Listed and CuL listed

Our Electric Saver Devices are rigorously inspected by Underwriters Laboratories multiple times a year to ensure compliance with safety standards, with UL & CuL file number E342228. This certification guarantees peace of mind, knowing that your insurance coverage won't be jeopardized due to safety concerns. Experience potential savings of up to 25% on your electric bill with the Electric Saver, which can be conveniently installed either on an electric panel or directly to a motor. Visit or go directly to our file with these links: U.S.A. / Canada.

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A green background with black flowers in the middle.